How to Pay

All airfares, pre-designated hotel stays, and pre-arranged transportation modes must be paid in full, in advance, along with my pre-determined time abroad with you by the use of PayPal. Your purchase is 100% handled by PayPal so we have no access to your personal or credit card information or personal accounts. The usage of PayPal ensures the both of us in the safest way to make financial transactions.

All other fees that arise on our trip can be paid as we encounter them. Access to secure ATM's will be plentiful unless you choose in advance to travel totally "off the grid" and visit small tribal villages or tiny pueblos. In that case, you would already have a sufficient amount of local money needed for that type of trip. As I stated earlier you may not want to reserve any hotel rooms for any amount of time until we arrive at our destination and become comfortable with your surroundings. You may want to stay in one place for the entire duration, or you may want to hit the road and see what awaits you.

The fees will be discussed in detail so no surprises will occur for either party. A non-refundable set fee will be established and agreed upon before any purchase is made by you, along with a faxed contract stating the same information. After the trip details are understood and the
signed contract is returned, you may then complete the purchase transaction. Of course if cash is easier, I am

sure we can work something out.
  Then off we go!!