Who I am

I am Andrew Avila. I have traveled to over 40 different countries. I have been in the military, law enforcement and private security for over 25 years. I love traveling, meeting new people and showing travelers how to enjoy their much too infrequent vacations. I have traveled with both male and female clients, young and mature. I have seen many amazing things, learned a lot of travel secrets and I can teach everything I know to you, so yourself can be on your way to the wonderful world of international travel. I firmly believe the more we travel and the more we see and learn, the better off we will be in our future. Just a small sample of my previous guides and adventures.



Driven through out Mexico and the Baja.


Driven through out the east coast of Australia.


Taken the Trans-Siberian Railroad from Vladivostok to Moscow.


Taken the Unification train from Saigon to Hanoi.


Rode horseback across the steppes of Mongolia.


Driven and tasted my way through the rich vineyards of both Argentina and Chile.


I have ridden motorcyles and mopeds through out South East Asia.


Traveled heavily through out South America and Central America.


Boated and fished for piranha on the Amazon and Rio Ucayali.


Motorcycled the infamous "Bolivia's Death Road" and coastal Ecuador.

Red Square
Quito, Ecuador
Mrs Avila and myself, Marthas Vineyard
La Paz, Bolivia
Machu Pichu, Peru
Outside Yangon, Myanmar (Rangoon, Burma)