Who gets to go

I prefer no more than two people at a time, of course a solo traveler is easiest to look after. If there is extra travellers I will be required to use another employee for safety.


 We must remember Asia and Latin America are not like the USA in any regard for travel. They are not handicap or elderly friendly, especially in the poorer regions. It can be hot and humid year round and at times we can be struck with hard monsoon rains. When natural disasters occur or civil strife happens sometimes help or international aid can be delayed. So hopefully you can be in somewhat decent shape to deal with the everyday life the locals live through or else it might be a difficult trip. All the sidewalks are not smooth and crack free, curbs can be very high, and all stairs may not have a hand rail to help allow me to guide you down. However, I will be with you at all times and always assisting you.