Why the fees are high

I am on your time schedule, on your itinerary, 24 hours a day. Most tour guides and operators have fixed hours, usually 9-5 with an occasional late night dinner or early riser breakfast. That’s not how I operate. You might be an early morning person and you may desire to see the morning markets thrive. Or you might be a night owl, and want to sleep all day then want to go out and hit the night life until the daybreak. I can meet you for breakfast, do some shopping with you, and wait for you until the late night so you can have dinner and a few cocktails. I’ll be there ready to go. If you want to rise early, conduct business, hit the museums, take a tour, and walk the streets of a new city into the late night hours it would be no problem for me at all.


Or if you just want to travel leisurely and just need someone to walk in the background and keep a secure eye on you without notice that can be easily done just as I can walk side by side with you and talk your ear off. I’ll try to make all accommodations happen in a fun and safe manner. As I stated earlier, this service is only for the new and/or timid traveler. It’s for those who really want to try overseas travel, but were held back by the political news, perceived uneasiness toward Americans, or just simply afraid to travel alone.


  I understand completely 99% of visitors to this webpage can figure out what to do without me or my service and be happy on your own. This service was never meant for you. My service is for those only who want to overcome their fears of travel and try it in the most exotic locations on earth. You get to do it at your own pace, at the hours you choose and where you want to stay. All with 24 hour security protection.