The Rates

Of course everything is negotiable dependent on length of stay.


Basic fees: 250 dollars per day.   However all prices are negotiable based on the needs of the traveler. More than 2 travelers will require another assisitant and fee increase.

 All airfares and transportation.  My airfares from the United States to the designated country. All overseas airfares, bus fares, taxi and train fares. All airfares to adjoining countries (example, Thailand to Cambodia) all transportation costs.


All hotels or guesthouses, and all rooms (my room is to be in the same hotel for your safety and your convienence) your own meals and your own drinks.


I can start my service from your home airport or at the destination. Naturally I am there for you to assist you with customs, and immigration.


A written contract will be completed before departure, and all fees paid ahead before departure of the United States.