Sample Itineraries

Arrive into Bangkok relax a day or two in the city or at the beach, depending if you want to deal with possible jet lag.


1. See, tour Thailand or another country. For Myanmar and Vietnam we must get Visas at the embassies in Bangkok. For Laos and Cambodia we can obtain Visas on arrival.


2. We stay as long as you want and as long as you need me. There are beaches, bars, Wats, temples, and cafes. Plenty of shopping in the big cities, lots of relaxing in the small ones. You can be bored if you want to be, it’s your vacation.


3. Cambodia has the eerie Killing Fields and the amazing Angkor Wat.


4. Thailand's great food, pristine beaches, the 24 hour cities of Bangkok and Pattaya.


5. Laos hosts tranquil Luang Prabang and Vientiane along the Mekong.


6. Vietnam’s Hanoi in the north and Saigon in the south. Great beaches link them together along with a great railroad system.


7. Secretive Myanmar and historic Rangoon. The people are the nicest, the government…well it’s very different.


8. Drink red wine, eat steak and take long siestas in Mendoza, Argentina. Try the fresh seafood along the Chilean coast.


9. Do little as possible, hit the beach or pool, or nap all day.


10. Do even less, sleep all day, party all night, I am at your side for 24 hours.


11. We do what ever you want as long it’s not illegal and no one gets hurt. Everything you do is kept in strict confidence.  Everything!