Travelers to the USA



Visit Las Vegas and gamble in all the famous Casinos along the famous Las Vegas Strip. Or drive to and spend the day seeing the scenic wonders of colorful southwestern desert.

While in America I will ensure you will not be intimidated, harassed or feel overwhelmed in any manner. I will keep all possible danger and threats away so you can enjoy your trip. You do not have to worry about over charging taxi drivers or merchants, and I will shield you away from those that attempt to prey on foreigners. I want you to return home safe, stress free and relaxed.

Due to my location and knowledge of the Las Vegas, I can and I will be at your side constantly even when you are gambling late night at the tables in the Casinos or lounging at their majestic pools during the day after an exhausting day of shopping and people watching.

If you desire a change of pace the mighty Grand Canyon is less than a 5 hour drive away. For something completely different the vineyards of the world famous Napa Valley is only a day’s drive away. You just rent the car of your choice and I will personally drive you from location to location with complete safety at all times during the drive while you relax.

Of course if there is anywhere else in the USA or the world you want to see, visit or conduct business from Chicago, New York, and Miami to Buenos Aires, Bangkok or Cancun, I am there for you 24/7 with complete privacy and total confidentiality. Please contact me if you have any more questions.