Sample Bookings

Once you decide where you want to go and how long you want to stay, we will discuss what you want to do, if anything on your vacation. You may have specific locations and hotels in mind and that’s great. You may want your trip planned out entirely day by day and hour by hour, and have all your hotels and rooms booked ahead before departure. Or you might want to wait until you get a feel for the country and get some rooms at the very last minute. It’s all about how comfortable you feel, what mood you’re in and what level of comfort you want to attain or stay with. I am completely comfortable everywhere and in any place, under any situation.

Everything will be discussed in detail; nothing will be left out so there will be no surprises. All of your questions will be answered before departure. This may be your first time traveling out of the country and I want to be sure you have nothing to worry about.

Your privacy, wellbeing and especially safety are the most important aspects of this trip. No personal information is released, shared or told about your trip. Nothing! Hope to see you soon. Andrew Avila